Home Remodeling

Improve your way of living

See it before you remodel it.

You have a vision in mind for changes you’d like to make in your home, and you’re ready to remodel. Bring your ideas to us, and we’ll go over them in detail. Whether you want to remodel a single room or add to your existing home, we follow the same simplified process as in our custom home designs.

Whether it’s a wall you’d like removed to open up your space or an entire addition added to your small bungalow home, every construction project needs a set of plans.

We understand that remodeling your home has probably been something you’ve dreamed about for quite some time. But how will it look in reality?

At Design Northwest, we provide preliminary designs of your home as remodel in 3D Virtual Reality. Seeing your home remodel in 3D gives you a realistic view of the finished project. Not only is it exciting to see your ideas take shape for the first time, but it also makes it easy to identify what will and will not work in your space. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that your home remodel will turn out just as you’ve imagined.