3D Virtual Reality Home Plans

An immersive viewing experience

Experience your home in 3D.

Virtual Reality has become widespread over the past decade. We’ve embraced this technology as part of our home design process. Our custom home and remodel designs include an immersive 3D Virtual viewing experience. 

What is a 3D Virtual Reality Home Plan?

A 3D virtual home tour is an immersive experience that gives you a full-scale realistic view of your home.    

We offer an immersive 3D Virtual experience with each of our home plans at each design phase.

You can choose to have your 3D viewing experience in our office or anywhere using our 3D viewing application.

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3D On Screen

We’ll create a 3D version of your home plan at each phase of our process. Using 3D floor plans gives you a better view of room dimensions and interior fixtures and their placement. It’s a better way to study your design in detail and ensure accuracy.

Icon for 360 degree virtual reality view
3D Immersive Experience

In our 3D immersive experience, you’ll see every room to scale in realistic detail. You’ll walk down hallways and into bedrooms and living areas. You’ll feel the height and depth of each space with all your design details integrated. It’s the ultimate way to visualize your home before it’s built.

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3D Mobile Viewer

View your home plan from anywhere with our 3D Viewing application. Download the app to your mobile device for quick and easy access to your home design.

3D Virtual Experiences

Hear what our clients have to say about experiencing their home in virtual reality.