Custom Home Plans

Created for your lifestyle

Design your dream home confidently.

Designing your custom home is an exciting experience. Although most of our clients have a general idea of the style of home they want, creating a design based on their lifestyle is where they need help. Our design team is here to help you work out all those details.

Our process is simple.

During our first meeting, we’ll study your sketches and gather your ideas for inspiration. Once we have an overall concept in place, we’ll begin the process of creating your ideal home plan.

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After our first meeting, we take all your ideas and create the first 3D design of your home. This is the most exciting phase because it’s the first time you’ll see your home come to life. You’ll walk through your floor plan to see how it looks and feels. You’ll make your first revisions in real time during this phase.

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In this 3D walkthrough, you’ll notice all the modifications from the first phase added to your plan, and your design will look more like your dream home. We’ll review this second version together and discuss any additional changes you’d like to make. At this phase, it’s essential to have your builder involved so they can advise you of construction costs and design issues that may require attention.

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In this final phase, we’ll fine-tune your plan to include changes that may have come up from your builder or any minor modifications you’d like to make. We’ll walk through the design once more using our virtual 3D technology so you can see every room of your home in detail before finalizing your drawings.

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Final drawings are completed designs that are ready to take to your builder. These are the sets of building plans used for construction. They include details of the elevations, floors, and foundation. Additional pages include; roof/framing plans, sections and details.

Some plans may require additional lateral engineering due to the complexity of the structure and/or building jurisdictions; ask a designer for more information.